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Martha Stewart branch punch Tree

I made quite a few of these tree cards for Christmas this yr. I had fun making them.

Martha Stewrat Branch punch

I made this tree with the Martha Stewart branch punch, it was so fun to make.

Rosette Tutorial for Design Space

First I found the rosette I liked on Anna Griffins Summer Soiree cartridge & put it on the canvas in design space. You will need 4 panel for this rosette, so I sized the one panel & duplicated it 3 times.. This one is the Pool rosette. I cut these particular panels at 4.68" wide x 2.10" in height. Make sure you have your score tool inserted in your Explore. :)

The folding is easy, find the score lines & do an accordion fold. Over, under, over, under, once you start folding it goes quick.

This is when I start adding glue. I use Aileen's Turbo Tacky Glue-Works as good as hot glue in my book.

I use little paper clips, but it's not necessary. I use them because I have them. If you want to I am sure clothes pins would work fine. I've made them without clipping them & they stay together fine.

Here are the 4 panels glued together.

Now I lay the 4 panels down & start to form a circle so I can then glue the last two ends together. This is probably the …