Saturday, January 3, 2009

Martha Stewart branch punch Tree

I made quite a few of these tree cards for Christmas this yr. I had fun making them.


Sandy from Ukiah said...

It turned out just beautiful Janis.. I made one too,it was fun. I think your's turned out better than mine.

michelle said...

Hi janis ! happy new year !! love your cards !! the punch is awesome isn't it !!

Leah said...

This is really pretty:) I don't have that punch, maybe I need it LOL

Leah's Card Designs. said...

Beautiful blog Janis!!! Thank you for the compliments on my blog..:) You mentioned that your husband was from Kirkville, NY I'm from there as well. Get in touch with me. :)

Cathi said...

I would LOVE to know what I need and how to make these adorable Martha Stewart punch tree cards. Would you be willing to share your information?

My email address is

PS I love your crafty blog and plan to follow it and see all the marvelous ideas you have.

Thank you.


Karen M said...

Hi! Saw this on Pinterest and see that you're from Kirkville. I live in Manlius and used to teach in Minoa =)