Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rosette Tutorial for Design Space

First I found the rosette I liked on Anna Griffins Summer Soiree cartridge & put it on the canvas in design space. You will need 4 panel for this rosette, so I sized the one panel & duplicated it 3 times.. This one is the Pool rosette. I cut these particular panels at 4.68" wide x 2.10" in height. Make sure you have your score tool inserted in your Explore. :)

The folding is easy, find the score lines & do an accordion fold. Over, under, over, under, once you start folding it goes quick.

This is when I start adding glue. I use Aileen's Turbo Tacky Glue-Works as good as hot glue in my book.

I use little paper clips, but it's not necessary. I use them because I have them. If you want to I am sure clothes pins would work fine. I've made them without clipping them & they stay together fine.

Here are the 4 panels glued together.

Now I lay the 4 panels down & start to form a circle so I can then glue the last two ends together. This is probably the hardest part & it's not really hard at all. :)

Here it is standing on end.All ends glued together. Next I need to lay it flat to adhere a circle or scallop or whatever shape you want for the middle, this gives it some stability to hold the rosette in a circle.

Now this might look goofy, but it's the way I do it. I have to set something with a bit of weight to it to hold this rosette down, otherwise I will never finish & get the middle circle glued on. Don't laugh. I have arthritis in my hands & most all joints so this is what works for me.

The final rosette, I cut the center circle at 1.5"

I cut this one with double sided cardstock so I have two sides to my rosette. I loved doing double sided paper for these. This cardstock is from a DCVW stack. I hope my tutorial was easy to follow. I have to admit it's the first one I've ever done. Please show me what you make....Have fun & I have to warn you, they are addicting.


Narelle said...

Awesome tutorial Janis!

Melissa said...

Thank you! Waiting for my Expore and can't wait to try these after your tutorial. You did a great job and it doesn't look so intimidating.

paperkrafter4Life said...

Great job and I would have to do the jar trick too as I am getting Arthur in my hands espec. right thumb, the one I craft with the most. Love your work.......remember you from ciruct message board :)

Lois Williams said...

Thank you for the tutorial. My biggest problem is being able to decide on appropriate measurements for the desired size rosette. I have found that I can make them too wide and not long enough therefore I can't spread into the rosette form. By the way if you are having problems with holding them down, I also read somewhere the user used pie pans to place the form in to hold while glueing. Thanks again!

Cathleen Yahn said...

Thank you, your tutorial was very precise annd easy to follow.

Shelley Frick said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial!! It definitely helped me in completing my first rosettes!!
- Shelley Frick

(I tried to post a picture of my completed project, but I can't figure it out. Here is a link to the picture of my rosettes.)

Janis said...

Thank you everyone, I'm so glad it has helped some of you in making your beautiful rosettes.

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